Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Racial Discrimination among Firefighters

Here is an interesting article about how some Boston firefighters, who had close to perfect scores on their civil service tests, were not hired in favor of hiring more minorities. According to the article, in 1974 a judgment passed in Boston that required one minority firefighter to be hired for each white - in a 1:1 ratio. However, "since 2000, no white applicant who scored lower than 100 has been hired as a Boston firefighter, unless he or she was a veteran or the son or daughter of a firefighter killed or disabled at work, the Globe analysis found. ... Even some white candidates with scores of 100 were not offered jobs." The article is also interesting because it allows the reader to also see a few articles pertaining to the same issue.


Blogger Heather said...

After reading this article, I was shocked to see that a Boston fire department was still using the 1:1 ratio in their hiring process. The way I understand this article is that part of the hiring process is based on the applicant's civil service test. I'm not sure how long these tests have been in place, but I would think that these tests should allow for the best individual to be hired. With that in mind, I get the impression that these tests may discriminate against minorities. I'm not sure I see any other reason for the 1:1 ratio ruling to still be applicable in situations where testing is used to determine the most appriopriate applicant.

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