Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Factories in Juarez

The final presentation got me thinking about this. I have actual been to a factory in Juarez, I went in the summer of 2006. Family friends of ours own a fairly large company and one of their headquarters is down in El Paso. I went down there to golf and they asked me if I wanted to visit their factory in Mexico and with this sparking my interest I said yes. When I visited this factory I could not believe my eyes. Now what I saw was nothing like what was talked about in class today but the siutation was dire.

There were 100's of people sit in dark damp rooms manually counting and recording different items. It was hot and there were very few windows, it was something I never thought I could experience in my life. Obviously I was in state of shock that people would work under theses conditions but something suprised me even more. Our family friends were so proud of their operation, they had only been in Juarez for a couple years and told us they were saving millions of dollars a year in labor. Of course the business person in me thought yes that is a great move but still the situation was not good at all. I asked how they could have people work in these conditions and their respons was go look at other factories and these people live like kings. This is was made me think of my experience in class. The people involved with these factories do not feel like they are doing anything wrong and until there is a legal ramification for what they do nothing will be changed. Like they said in class this issue has not been very public lately but it is a very real problem that needs to be addressed sooner than later.


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