Sunday, April 27, 2008

Applying What We've Learned...

I felt the fruits of my labor come into play the other day when I received a letter in the mail from my soon-to-be employer. It was a summary of my rights under the Fair Credit Reporting Act. Luckily, I knew this act fairly well because it was part of my presentation for Surveillance in the US and UK. The FCRA basically promotes the accuracy, fairness, and privacy of information in the files of consumer reporting agencies. It was pretty cool to be able to know what I was reading and be able to follow it all.

Another case similar to this was when I received my formal offer letter—which included the term “at-will employment”—something I wouldn’t have known about (or even heard of, for that matter!) had it not been for this class. As a result, I feel that we’ve all been lucky to take this class because the content is so practical to all of us. I’ve learned a ton of information about business law and applying it to real-world companies, and for this, I am grateful. I certainly feel like I am well-informed, and thus I can be more confident in the workforce.


Blogger nschutz said...

I completely agree with Lilly. I had a similar experience about a month ago when a close friend informed me that his friend had been fired for no particular reason. He was saying how that is illegal and I informed him about what we had learned in class. According to at-will-employees, an employee can get fired or hired for any reason and anytime.

Our L416 class even followed me to the movies this weekend. I went to see "21" with some friends, which is about a group of intelligent students "counting cards" in order to win big in Las Vegas. Of course, the owners caught on. There was a few lines when they were talking about Biometric Data Monitoring, which monitors an individual's body temperature, heart and respiration rates, brain signals, blood pressure, and facial expressions. Lilly, Stephanie, and I talked about his during our presentation on surveillance. Yeah!

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Anonymous Heather said...

We all know that I have quite some time before I can even get an internship, let alone a “real job.” However, I think it is great that you two feel as though a class has truly benefited you in the workplace, whether it is the knowledge you will apply in doing your job, or knowledge like Lily has gained in understanding the rights presented in a contract that she is to abide by. I have learned a lot concerning employee and employer relationships, particularly with contracts and the rights that overlap within them. I think a class like this would be very beneficial to all future employees and I am looking forward to also being able to apply this legal knowledge to better my understanding of exactly what I am signing, or signing away for that matter.

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