Monday, April 14, 2008

Activities "Outside" Work

Someone mentioned in class today about their problem with work activities because you are actually spending your off time with co-workers. I never REALLY thought about that, which is interesting. This reminded me of when Dylan told me about the benefits that Google employees have and it seems outrageous. Basically a home away from home. Literally.

Here is the link:

I am really interested to hear what you think.

P.S. Thanks Dylan


Blogger Abbey Stemler said...

Holy cow! I want to work for Google!

Look at this:

Time away
1st year 15 days
4th year 20 days
6th year 25 days
12 paid holidays(Sick days taken as necessary)

Maternity Benefits
12 weeks off at 75% pay.

Parental Leave (for non-primary caregivers)
6 weeks off at 75% pay for California employees; 2 weeks off at 100% pay for other U.S. states.

Take-Out Benefit
To help make things easier, new moms and dads are able to expense up to $500 for take-out meals during the first four weeks that they are home with their new baby.

P.S. I'm totally impressed by the take-out benefit!

11:01 AM  
Blogger songbird said...

I am shocked! While I am super impressed with Google's benefits, I think it sounds awful. One quote from Google CEO, Erin Schmidt, explains it all to me; "The goal is to strip away everything that gets in our employees way." WHAT?!?! Do you mean strip away their whole life?!

This set up is not work/life balance, this is "make work your life." It just seems that the benefits of having 12 weeks off for maternity leave with 75% pay is pointless when as a Google employee you have to spend all your time at work. Why have a kid if you can't ever see it, even if he is at the Google Child Care Center? I just don't get it. Google is offering to reimburse its employees $5000 to adopt a child. WHY?!?! Why would an employee adopt a child when they can't be there raise them, love them, and help them develop? I seriously don't understand the logic!!!

Sorry all, I know this is a little too passionate for a blog, but these sorts of benefits just don't make sense to me. I hope no one is offended by my confusion. If you can figure out how to work for Google and raise happy children and have a balanced life, more power to you!

I must say, though, I am also impressed by the take-out feature!

12:18 PM  

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