Monday, February 26, 2007

Thoughts on today's movie

What did everyone think of the movie that we viewed this afternoon? Personally, I felt extremely different about the role's of each character than I had before viewing the film. It seems as though a visual interpretation of a story can completely alter how one views the same story when read. What types of connectors did you see between the two characters? Was there some symbolism in the use of the term "understanding" between the relationships of John and Carol, as well as John and Jerry? Do you think it was easier to understand some of the language used in the story after it was portrayed by actors? Is the language of the characters relevant, or is the story really focusing on the relationship between John and Carol?


Blogger Jeremy Byers said...

I agree with you Max. After watching the film i got a better sense of each character, more so than reading the book because i could see there actions. I first saw John as the villain when i read the book, even though i still believe he is still somewhat to blame, after seeing the movie that has swayed me to put some of it on Carol. I think that the language was a lot easier to understand in the movie, mostly because i was trying to sort out the dialog in the book so much i think i lost track of what was going on. I think the movie does a good job on shining the light on how the relationship of John and Carol is defined. The movie helped me better understand each character.

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