Saturday, January 27, 2007

Immigrant Employment
Here is an interesting article about illegal immigrants working in the US that are a part of a union. I think anyone who wants to work in this country should be allowed to do so. As long as the workers are paying taxes, who cares? I support an open border with Mexico. This is supposed to be the land of opportunity, so why are we taking the opportunity away from people who are willing to work?


Blogger A F said...

Outsourcing has a bad rap

For example the employees protesting as the basketball game on Saturday about outsourcing, I feel, are ignoring the other side.

Outsourcing is good!

Outsourcing allows those who are more efficient and have an absolute advantage, or just a competitive advantage to produce to their maximum and in turn allows the other to focus in their competitive advantage.

It appears to me the people who are at risk from outsourcing are people in jobs that for all intensive purposes are overpaid. Most of these "overpaid" jobs are created by the fact nobody else wants to do it. Given the choice the average person would not choose it.

Since America is the land of hope people from elsewhere where they barely are able to survive come here and do the jobs nobody wants to do for cheaper than the people from here we can find to do them. If anything the threat of outsourcing should encourage the average American to pursue an education and in turn this would increase their quality of life and America's quality of life.

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