Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Child Labor Problem

Do you know it is possible that the Nike shoes your wear, the Nestle chocolate you eat, the Disney soft toys that you sleep with are the final products of the hard work of children who were as young as 12 ? Do you know that they may earn only USD$2 for working up to 10 hours a day ? We are lucky to live in a developed country where children's rights are protected by law. In U.S., the FLSA law protects children from taking up jobs which interfere their health and education. Children under 14 are allowed to work are allowed to work in non-manufacturing or non-hazardous places for a certain amount of hours outside school, and there are less restrictions and limitations on working hours and types of jobs for teenagers.

In some developing countries, the law concerns about child labor is not as strict as FLSA, because children usually takes up the largest part of the workforce population, and the counties need human resources. For example Asian countries like China and Thai, and in some undeveloped parts of Africa, children are forced to work in farms, mines or take up other dangerous jobs because they live under poverty line.

Recent news on child labor:
Slave Chocolate?


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