Saturday, February 18, 2006

"A Parrot, a Racist and a Slap-Happy Nurse Teach Harassment Lesson"

I ran across this article tonight and, although I have to admit it was the unusual title that first pulled me in, the content of the article was relevant in regards to our class. The article mentions three different cases in which the employer was expected to protect the employee from harassment, even when the employee was being harassed or discriminated against by someone who was not technically another employee.

"A Parrot, a Racist and a Slap-Happy Nurse Teach Harassment Lesson"
Paul D. Snitzer
The Legal Intelligencer

The justification given on why the employer needed to protect the employee in these specific cases were:
1. The offender was harassing on the employer's premises
2. The offender was under the employer's control (though not specifically an employee)
3. The employer was aware of the offense

I am interested in getting everyone's opinions on these cases and if you think the employers should be held liable for each of the cases? Also, do you think the justifications listed above that were given in the article are reasonable?

(*I know we don't have the full details of each case from this particular article, but I am just curious as to general thoughts and opinions based on what we do know from it. Thanks!* )


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