Friday, January 06, 2006


This blog will use, as a jumping-off point, a variety of laws and legal regimes that target and regulate work and the workplace in order to explore how life, work, and law interact and, more specifically, to analyze some important policy issues that affect how we live, by affecting how we work.

We'll highlight articles in the mainstream media, comment on relevant posts by other bloggers, and provide some original content flowing from our class readings and discussions.

While this blog is intended primarily to be an extension of the seminar for the class participants, we welcome the thoughtful and respectful contributions** of anyone who is interested in the topics we pursue.

**NOTE: For the time being, we are happy to permit comments from readers who are not members of our class. However, this is not a public forum and the administrator of this blog will exercise the right to close comments to non-members and/or delete unhelpful, off-topic, and intemperate or disrespectful comments without notice and subject only to his reasoned judgment. Non-anonymous comments are appreciated and will be less likely to fall prey to arbitrary and capricious deletion.


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